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Welcome to elleven dental

Awarded Best Dentists in London


WINNER Best Aesthetic Practice, South, 2015
WINNER Best Aesthetic Team, South, 2015

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WINNER Best Practice UK, 2012
WINNER Best Practice London, 2012 & 2011

Most Attractive Practice 2012

WINNER Most Attractive Practice 2012
WINNER Best Practice, London 2011

We are Elleven.

Elleven are dedicated to care excellence in every facet of Dentistry.

Combining Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants and Orthodontics, we are honoured to have been recognised and named Best Dentists in London and Best Practice, UK as testimony of our innovation, culture and care.

With world-class dental and orthodontic specialists, leading edge technology and wonderful support staff in our soothing environment in the W1 Harley Street area. Elleven are committed to making you smile, in every way.

Our general dentists and hygienists advise children and adults on how best to care for their teeth and gums to prevent dental problems as well as fixing any current ones. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on smile aesthetics with bespoke veneers, white fillings and crowns and teeth whitening providing extra sparkle. Our Smile Makeover in a Day is ideal for those short of time seeking the perfect smile.

Our specialist periodontists treat patients with gingivitis (inflamed or bleeding gums) or periodontal disease (which affects the gums and underlying bone). Dental implants are the ideal solution after dental trauma and a permanent alternative to dentures allowing patients to eat and smile with confidence.

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Overall Best Practice, UK 2012
Best Practice, London 2012
Most Attractive Practice, UK 2012
Honorary Fellowship 2013