5 Toothsome New Year’s Resolutions

As we move into the new year, what resolutions are you going to make to keep your teeth in great shape in 2018? #1: Make this year the year you gain a confident smile How would you like to enjoy summer 2018 with a confident, bright smile of beautiful straight teeth?  One of the most […]

Common Questions We Get Asked A Lot about Having a Brace Fitted

Getting a brace fitted can seem like a big decision – until you’ve got your new brace and you realise how little it interferes with your life!  Nevertheless, it is quite normal – and responsible – to have questions before any treatment.  Here are some answers to the questions we get asked a lot.   […]

Why Periodontics Matters

Our team at Elleven brings together many different specialists in their fields to ensure great dental care across the whole spectrum of dentistry.  One important field is periodontics; the study and care of the structures that surround and support the teeth. Elleven Dental’s highly-renowned periodontist, Dr Petros Moschouris, answers your questions about periodontics:   What […]

Does Wearing A Brace Hurt?

Some of our patients put off having their smile perfected because they worry that having a brace might be painful – but there’s really no need to worry.   Before you go ahead with your smile treatment, you’ll have an extended consultation with an Elleven Dental dentist.  During that time, we’ll discuss what you want […]

Best Toothcare Apps for Kids

Encouraging your kids to take good care of their teeth can’t start too early.  The great news is there are some fantastic digital aids for parents to help encourage kids to keep their smiles healthy.  Major brands and app developers alike have created some great interactive tools to inspire your kids to good oral health. […]

8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Your Teeth Straightened

Many people come to us to achieve a perfect smile and one of the comments we hear a lot after treatment is “why did I wait so long?”.  Of course, we are always delighted when a patient loves their new smile, but we just can’t answer why they waited!  Here are eight good reasons why […]

How Long Will I Need to Wear a Brace?

It’s natural to have questions before you begin a treatment programme.  And, when it comes to braces, there is one question we get asked a lot: how long will I need to wear the brace? It’s completely natural to have concerns before you begin any dental treatment and in this regard – no matter how […]

Perfect teeth for that special occasion

Many of our patients come to us to enhance and brighten their natural smile and increase their confidence; whether it’s for a wedding day, a big birthday, a job interview or just because they want to look their very best for that selfie moment! You can look your best for a special occasion (or just […]

My teeth are straight – what next?

Brace removal day! With fixed braces, we call this ‘debonding’ and this is a really exciting day for all of our team. This is where we remove the brackets and wires. We also polish off any glue and fit a fixed wire retainer to the back of your teeth. At this point it’s advisable for […]

Your two-minute guide to sensitive teeth

We all feel a hot or cold sensation in our mouths when eating an ice cream or hot soup, but for people who suffer with teeth sensitivity, the pain can be uncomfortable enough to put them off eating ice cream for life – unthinkable! Recent news reports reveal that tooth sensitivity is on the rise, […]

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