The Increasing Role of Orthodontics in other Treatments

Elleven Dental’s multidisciplinary approach is key to achieving the ideal result for our orthodontics patients.  But our multidisciplinary approach doesn’t only ensure the best results for our orthodontic patients – orthodontics also have a role to play in improving the outcomes of other treatments. As the art of cosmetic dentistry advances, orthodontics is playing an […]

Why do you have to pay for an initial consultation with Elleven?

One thing we get asked a lot at Elleven Dental is why our initial orthodontic consultations aren’t free – as some are advertised.  Our Treatment Coordinator Kirsty Rodger explains how not all orthodontic consultations are created equal. When you have your first appointment regarding an orthodontic treatment, it’s natural to have a lot of questions.  […]

What is the SureSmile Faster Treatment?

SureSmile is a revolutionary new way to create customised archwires for highly predictable results from your orthodontic treatment.  Here, Dr. Anthony Lam explains why we are using them for an increasing number of treatments. SureSmile is a new way of crafting braces.  It uses advanced 3D imaging, virtual simulations and robots to bend customised archwires, […]

Which brace system should I use?

Anthony Lam, one of our Orthodontic Specialists, explains why choosing the right brace system isn’t always all about how it looks. “The most common requests we receive from our orthodontic patients are for discreet braces and as short as possible a treatment time,” says Dr. Anthony Lam, when we grab a word with him to […]

How hygiene plays an important role in your orthodontics treatment journey

Hygiene visits are often an overlooked part of the orthodontic treatment journey.  Here, our treatment coordinator Kirsty Rodger explains why and how hygiene visits are built into your treatment plan. When you choose Elleven Dental for your orthodontic treatment, you have access to our multidisciplinary team of experts all under one roof. All of our […]

What it’s like to finally get your braces off!

Elleven Dental’s Treatment Coordinator, Kirsty Rodger, has recently completed her own orthodontic treatment journey. Here, she talks about her own orthodontic adventure. I had braces when I was fourteen through NHS Scotland.  However, I wasn’t very disciplined with my retainer, so I got bonded up again last year.  I chose to go with ceramic braces […]

Does Wearing A Brace Hurt?

Some of our patients put off having their smile perfected because they worry that having a brace might be painful – but there’s really no need to worry.   Before you go ahead with your smile treatment, you’ll have an extended consultation with an Elleven Dental dentist.  During that time, we’ll discuss what you want […]

8 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Your Teeth Straightened

Many people come to us to achieve a perfect smile and one of the comments we hear a lot after treatment is “why did I wait so long?”.  Of course, we are always delighted when a patient loves their new smile, but we just can’t answer why they waited!  Here are eight good reasons why […]

How Long Will I Need to Wear a Brace?

It’s natural to have questions before you begin a treatment programme.  And, when it comes to braces, there is one question we get asked a lot: how long will I need to wear the brace? It’s completely natural to have concerns before you begin any dental treatment and in this regard – no matter how […]

Perfect teeth for that special occasion

Many of our patients come to us to enhance and brighten their natural smile and increase their confidence; whether it’s for a wedding day, a big birthday, a job interview or just because they want to look their very best for that selfie moment! You can look your best for a special occasion (or just […]

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