Denture Stabilisation

Denture Stabilisation - ellevenDenture stabilisation is a rather clever treatment which saves denture users from the embarrassment and inconvenience of slipping dentures. Following an initial consultation, you’ll undergo a procedure whereby four small screws (overdenture implants) are inserted into your jaw.

The procedure takes only an hour, can be performed under local anaesthetic, and will leave your dentures as stable and firm as natural teeth.


All teeth missing

  • Loose, uncomfortable or poorly fitting conventional complete denture


Implant supported fixed or removable complete arch bridge

  • Two principal options: permanently fixed and clip-retained
  • Both options support the bridge, so that it is not resting on the gums

Acrylic bridge supported by implants

  • Looks and functions just like natural teeth
  • Combines the security of permanent fixing with the connivence of removable dentures
  • Solid foundation for natural chewing function, but easily removable for cleaning
  • Bridge made from the same material as a conventional denture

Implant-supported permanently fixed porcelain bridge

  • Looks and functions like natural teeth
  • Only removable by a dentist, for cleaning or extraction of trapped oral debris
  • The most expensive option for patients with no teeth

Removable (clip-retained) denture

  • Looks like natural teeth and can be removed for cleaning
  • Some movement during normal chewing, due to necessary slack in securing clips


Continue with a complete conventional denture

  • Initially, cheaper than an implant-supported restoration
  • Continuing impairment of eating, speech, confidence
  • Bone supporting the gum beneath the denture will shrink due to lack of use
  • Denture will need to be regularly relined or replaced
  • The pressure form an unsupported conventional denture during chewing reduces the blood supply to the gums and contributes to accelerated bone shrinkage through resorption


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