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We are delighted to offer revolutionary dental implant technology, All-on-4, dental implant which delivers beautiful, fixed teeth in only a day.

For teeth in a day our All-on-4 treatment is the latest technological time-saving system that uses only four implants to secure fixed, natural-looking teeth in a day. Patients undergo a minimally invasive procedure with our expert team and leave with a natural, confident smile.

Losing teeth can be very distressing and many people are seeking a better solution than dentures and something faster than traditional dental implants.

Tooth loss is often, though mistakenly, considered a natural part of ageing, as is the shrunken appearance that often becomes apparent years after severe tooth loss. Yet, not everyone experiences tooth loss as a supposedly-inevitable consequence of ageing. As a result, not everyone’s jaw deteriorates and shrinks, either. If you fail to prevent tooth loss, you can still prevent the onset of facial collapse, preserving your smile and facial aesthetics for the long-term integrity of your oral health.

Did you know that healthy teeth biting and chewing also benefits your jawbone’s health? Your body’s numerous parts continuously communicate with each other, and when tooth roots are stimulated, they tell your body to send enough nutrition to keep your smile’s foundation strong and supply nutrients to your teeth. Even if you replace your lost teeth with a conventional dental bridge or denture, the unaddressed loss of your tooth roots and diminished nutrient supply will continue.

Dental implants don’t replace traditional dental prosthetics; they improve them with the addition of prosthetic roots to mimic your natural teeth’s support system. The more immediate benefits of dental implants include unmatched sturdiness from a base rooted in bone. In a more long-term sense, dental implants also restore the stimulation that helps preserve your smile’s integrity and ability to retain the rest of your teeth. However, if your jawbone has already deteriorated, or reabsorbed, then you may require a jawbone graft to reinforce its structure.

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