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SureSmile is a real breakthrough for braces. This innovative technology not only allows us to shorten time in braces by six to nine months, but allows us to achieve a more superior result compared to what has been available until now. Not only does it reduce treatment time, but it means less visits for the patient, reduced discomfort and greater efficiency.

At the heart of every brace is a wire and this is the strength of SureSmile: it allows us to customise the wire, making sure that we can produce the most perfect end result for each individual patient.

The patient will come in and they will have a 3D digital scan done using our state-of-the-art oral scanner. This is non-invasive white light that captures a three-dimensional model of the patient’s teeth. This 3D scan is then manipulated on the computer to produce the desired orthodontic smile.

Data gets sent to the SureSmile lab in the States, where they produce a simulated end result for the patient – so that’s really good because it allows the patient to see what it will look like in the end. The advanced SureSmile robot is amazing because it allows us to customise the wire to an accuracy of 0.1mm, allowing us orthodontists to customise the positions of the teeth perfectly, delivering exceptional smiles every single time.

At elleven orthodontics, we are very proud to announce that we are the only orthodontists in the UK to provide the state-of-the-art technology of SureSmile.

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