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It’s not just teeth that make up a beautiful smile. There’s lips, cheeks, eyes … in fact the whole face. Building a smile is like building a house; you should begin with the end in mind. An architect draws up the blueprint, considering the design in relation to the terrain, surrounding features and the other houses close by. Then the engineers start their work, to see what’s possible. Costs are decided and only then do the builders start work.

With traditional dentistry, the builders – or dentists – just start building. With this old-style smile design, new teeth are designed and made without considering where they’re going or who they’re for. This is why you see smiles with teeth of different sizes and shades, or a smile that just doesn’t look right.

Now, Digital Smile Design uses the very latest in technology. We look at the whole picture of how your smile will look; not just for that smile you do to the mirror, but when you talk, smile and belly laugh.

Digital Smile Design starts with you. Using video, we capture your personality and character and you can tell us how you want your smile to look. We then design the ideal teeth and smile for your face and even better, we can show you, so that you can see what you’ll look like before any major decisions are made and before you start treatment. You’ll also know exactly what it’s going to cost. Imagine a healthy, natural, beautiful smile that looks like you at your very best!

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At elleven, we can help you to feel like a new person - with a whiter smile.
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