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Hi and welcome to elleven, I’m Sameer Patel and I’m the Clinical Director here. We’ve got a very very exciting day here today at elleven – we’ve got five finalists coming in to be judged, examined and one finalist is going to walk away with a smile make-over.

The winner of this competition is going to receive a full, comprehensive dental treatment plan. This is going to include the basics: diet advice, oral hygiene advice, smoking cessation, followed by hygiene. And then we’ll move from simple dental treatment to complex, multi-speciality care such as orthodontics, periodontics, endodontics and cosmetic dentistry, which of course will transform their smile. This process will give the winner dental education as well, because after they’ve had all this treatment, they need to learn to maintain it.

Each candidate was asked to write 500 words about why they think they deserve good dental treatment and what their experiences have been in the past, along with photographs of their smile and teeth. We shortlisted 11 candidates and their stories and photographs were posted onto our Facebook page. Through a voting poll, they were then shortlisted to five, who were invited to elleven to meet our specialists and the judging panel to finally decide who would be the winner.

We had five very deserving candidates walk through our doors. Most of them also suffer from dental phobia, so just to walk over the threshold into a practice has been an achievement. They had their dental check-up and their x-rays and we got to know each patient as a person.

We’ve had some very emotional stories here today and it really does shed light on how our looks, our hair, our body shape, our weight, and of course our teeth, can lead to bullying. Regardless of who wins today, we are going to support each and every one of our candidates to get their dental treatment either here at elleven, or locally closer to home, because they all deserve to have a beautiful smile.

18 months later…

The first stage of Julie’s smile transformation was intensive oral hygiene sessions with our hygiene team and with Petros, our periodontist. We had to make sure that the foundations of the mouth were healthy and help her adopt some better long-term oral hygiene techniques. Julie told us: “The nerves at first were bad – I think I still cried every time I came, but they’ve been fantastic. We’re talking pain free – literally. I’ve learnt to trust dentists again!”

Then Julie went to see Dr Shivani, one of our lead orthodontists and she was fitted with some braces to improve the alignment of her existing teeth. Once the alignment was correct, Julie saw Dr Sameer, our Clinical Director and restorative specialist who did some veneer work, bridge work and fitted her with a removable partial denture.

Julie comments: “My confidence is sky-high now. If I hadn’t had this treatment, I can’t imagine. My life would be so much different now if I hadn’t won. Words can’t say how grateful I am; they are the best thing that’s happened to me in years. They’ve been fantastic – all of them!”

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