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I had an under bite and that meant I had a really big gap between my teeth, even when my mouth was closed. Eating was very difficult and so was talking sometimes. I was really self-conscious about it because my face was quite long and I didn’t have any confidence going out, so really felt like I needed to change it. I found elleven through a Google search for a place that did jaw surgery in London. I contacted them and found out that they work with a really great surgeon and he was the one who I wanted to do my surgery, so that’s why I decided to come to elleven.

They looked at my teeth and even though I was stressed out, everyone took the time to explain everything so I understood what was going to happen. Firstly, I had to have braces and they were just normal braces. But it wasn’t to just straighten my teeth, it was to align them into the correct position that my jaw needed to be in after surgery. It seemed to go really quickly and I always knew what was happening. The guys here are really great, they are really patient, they explained everything really carefully, so I was never confused about anything and they’re really reassuring and listen to any concerns that you might have, so I never felt worried.

After my treatment was finished I have completely changed, I’m a lot more self-confident. People always told me before that I never used to smile. Now I smile a lot and I don’t hide my face and I’m really much more self-confident. Since I had the braces taken off and had the jaw surgery, it’s really changed a lot and I feel a lot happier, so I’m really glad.

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