Patient Testimonial Multidisciplinary Care including SureSmile Video

“I guess the journey started about 18 years ago. I had veneers on my top six teeth and there were two issues: Firstly, I wasn’t happy with it aesthetically (it was still a very narrow smile) and secondly, over time I had really bad problems with my gums and they became very puffy and I was worried about that medically.

I’d had advice about starting orthodontic treatment and I decided to look into it and find out what the options would be. I hit upon an option called SureSmile: it was seen as the fastest option and one that would get the best results, because of the precision. I found that the only place that you could do that in the UK was to come here to elleven in London. And that’s what led me to this practice.

The brace treatment finished about a month ago. Before the brace went on the veneers were taken off. Now today I’ve had some more temporaries fitted, so this isn’t quite the final result, but I’m almost there – we’re at the last stage.

The thing that stands out for me really is that all the way along I’ve felt like I was in very safe hands. And it’s from a medical point of view, rather than it being purely aesthetic. That’s not to say they’re not trying to get a really good result and I’m thrilled with how it’s looking. But all the way along it’s been driven by the medical side. I’ve been treated by a range of people in the team – I’ve seen a periodontist and specialists to get my gums in really good shape. I’m really impressed with that because that was a big concern.

elleven has helped me achieve what I wanted from the beginning. All of the concerns I had are being addressed – I’ve got a much wider smile and people are commenting all the time about the change in my face. So it’s a big difference both from a medical point of view and aesthetically and I’m really pleased with it.”

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