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“Before I came to elleven I had an open bite and under bite, so my teeth didn’t fit together and when I was eating it was messy. It wasn’t easy to bite things; I couldn’t bite through bread or anything hard and chewing was more difficult. When it came to the aesthetics of it, it wasn’t a nice smile, it didn’t feel right, it didn’t look like a normal smile because the jaws weren’t aligned nicely and the shape of the smile wasn’t natural.

When I first came to elleven I was really surprised because they told me upfront that surgery might be a possibility from the outset, so I wasn’t as scared when things progressed.

Two weeks ago all my braces were removed and I’m really happy because I can smile in photos – something I’d never done before. Everyone now looks at me and says: ‘There’s something different about you… you look more positive, you look happier.’ I have more confidence because I can interact without being ashamed of opening my mouth or speaking to other people. I’m not as quiet or as shy.

The guys at elleven are great – they helped me put a smile back on my face and now I’m not ashamed of opening my mouth anymore and talking to people.”

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At elleven, we can help you to feel like a new person - with a whiter smile.
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