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“I noticed over the years that my teeth were crooked and they weren’t getting any straighter by themselves, so I decided (after paying for a couple of kids to have braces) that it was time to do something for myself. I talked to my regular dentist in the US and she said it looked like I would be a good candidate from some orthodontic treatment.

I had an evaluation with elleven, we talked about treatment options and I was really pleased with the options offered. We decided to go with the external braces and there were a couple of reasons for that: one was because of the degree of crowding I had in my lower teeth and the other was that I didn’t want to impact my ability to speak, since I frequently do presentations at work.

In the US, I think it would have felt a little more ‘production line’. Here it’s very personal – I know everybody that treats me and they know me and they ask about me and know what’s going on in my life and that’s a really enjoyable experience. I never thought I’d say that about orthodontics, but I can!

I would recommend elleven – I’ve come to enjoy my experience here. My smile is back and my teeth are straight. I’m looking forward to completing my treatment, but also looking forward to continuing my relationship with elleven and seeing them on a regular basis after my braces come off.”

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