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“The biggest problem I had with my teeth was that I had an overbite. This caused me to have a lisp, so it affected the way I spoke and I was very paranoid about it. I found that when I was smiling, I wouldn’t smile directly at people, I’d hide my face a lot, and it just really affected my confidence.

My regular dentist recommended that I have braces to correct the overbite of my teeth. I wasn’t sure what the options were, so I researched a few of the practices in the area and I was also given a family recommendation to elleven. So it seemed like the right decision to approach elleven.

From my first consultation they explained the options of the three different types of braces on offer and told me the effect it would have on my teeth. They took a long time to explain the benefits and the problems with each individual one. It seemed like the lingual braces were the correct option for me: I felt that the other braces were quite visible and I knew that would make me even more worried and affect my confidence further. I was worried initially that the lingual braces would further affect my speech while I was having the treatment, but actually they haven’t at all.

I’ve never been a fan of dentists and I always used any excuse to avoid going. But I’ve always been very comfortable here. They take the time to explain the procedure while they’re doing it and it’s a very customised treatment.

They’ve been so welcoming from the beginning and made me see that it wasn’t too late to have treatment, which is how I felt about it, and it’s given me the confidence to believe that I can have the smile I always wanted.”

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