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“I’ve always visited my dentist regularly, but I was having increasing problems with bleeding gums. He explained that it was because my teeth were over-crowded and I couldn’t actually floss properly between them. To my dismay, he suggested that I might need to have braces, which is not what I was considering. I’ve got teenage children and I’d been considering braces for them, but I was quite surprised that my dentist recommended that I go to see an orthodontist. He recommended that I come up to elleven in London because they had exclusive use of SureSmile, which guarantees faster treatment than more traditional braces.

I hadn’t quite realised what I would find when I came here – and to find such a beautiful building and such welcoming people was a real surprise.

Originally I thought it would be quite embarrassing to have braces while I’ve got teenagers, but actually because all their friends are wearing braces, we end up having a chat about what colours they’re all wearing. They’re all very envious of my white ones and my ceramics and we can joke about what we’re allowed to eat or not eat and what our orthodontists say to us. So actually it’s made it much less of a stigma.

I think more and more friends of my age are considering braces. When we grew up train-tracks were something for people with really severe problems and they were not aesthetic in anyway, but I think the progress in orthodontics has made them a lot less noticeable and something that a lot more people are going to be interested in.

I found having an orthodontist in London has been a great excuse to come up to London every six-eight weeks, meet up with a friend for lunch, come to Marylebone High Street, which is a lovely place to go shopping, and come to such a lovely place and look forward to my trips to elleven.”

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At elleven, we can help you to feel like a new person - with a whiter smile.
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