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“During the course of a 17-year professional rugby career, your teeth tend to take a bit of a battering and I had the front two snapped at various points. You’ll often see a lot of the lads wandering around with discoloured or blackened teeth from where a gum shield has been wacked into the mouth and killed the nerve ending. Thankfully I haven’t had that, but I have had to come here and get the front two sorted out and probably will continue to for a while.

Since coming here it’s quite incredible! You always think that what you are getting is the best treatment until you realise that someone else does it better. It was the level of detail that Dr Sameer goes to that really impressed me. He recommended the oral hygienist every three months, which I now do, which is fantastic; you don’t really appreciate how clean your teeth are until you’ve been to the hygienist. Sameer came in and sorted out some of the filings at the back, which were cracked and chipped. He’s replaced the front two veneers, which were slightly discoloured, so they were corrected and now, hopefully, you can’t tell.

It’s the same in my sport, if you ever want to be successful at anything you need meticulous detail and I think that’s what they bring, along with a smile and relaxed environment. For a lot of people, a dentist’s chair is a daunting place but this environment certainly isn’t.”

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