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“When I was younger, I had very overcrowded teeth, so I had lots taken out. My previous dentist wasn’t very kind, so the whole experience was horrible. I had braces that you can take in and out at night and my teeth became quite straight, although not perfect, so they decided they wanted to take out some more. But by that point I’d just had enough, and I said ‘no’. I didn’t have retainers and then gradually they just started to move again and by the time I was in my twenties they were pretty crooked.

Then one day I saw an advert in a magazine at home and thought: ‘it’s now or never, I’ve been thinking about it for years’. So I finally made the phone call to elleven, made an appointment and came in and saw Dr Shivani, who was very kind. I explained to her that I was terrified of dentists and asked if she could help me, but explained that I could only have treatment if I didn’t have to have any more teeth out. Dr Shivani had a look and reassured me that I wouldn’t have to have any teeth out. She emailed me a dental plan with a timescale and explained how it would all work.

Before I had my braces fitted I needed to see Dr Sameer because I hadn’t been to the dentist much for probably about twenty years! I had to have some fillings re-done and it took a few months, as he wanted to make sure I had good gum health.

I then went back to Dr Shivani who fitted braces on my top teeth because they were so crooked apparently, they would have knocked off the braces on the bottom. I had that brace for six months and then had braces fitted on the bottom as well. Lastly, I had veneers put on my front top eight teeth, just to finish it all off.

Now I’ve done it all, I’m delighted with my teeth: I’m very happy. I’m very pleased I did it and I’m very pleased it’s over! Everyone was very kind – the hygienists, the receptionists – have always been very helpful and lovely to me and made me feel as comfortable as they could and I’m very thankful for that. Thank You!”

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