Children’s Orthodontic Treatment & Braces

Children’s orthodontic treatment

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We believe that early treatment is beneficial when needed, and many patients are pleasantly surprised to find that their treatment can be carried out at an early age. A beautiful smile together with straight teeth that function well can have a tremendous effect on children’s self esteem, self confidence and long term dental health. It is a great investment for life!

If you are self conscious about your teeth or your mates at school tease you, YOU can do something about it. Orthodontics can give you real confidence.

Fixed braces

These are the most common type of orthodontic braces. They are often known as ‘train tracks’.The advantages are that they are able to fine-tune the position of the teeth reliably and with modern sophisticated designs, they are smaller and relatively fast acting to reduce treatment time.

The main types of fixed braces are:

  1. Metal/Stainless Steel Fixed Braces
  2. Tooth Coloured / Ceramic Braces

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Damon braces

Damon braces are fast, fixed cosmetic orthodontic braces using a unique low friction mechanism that minimises the friction and binding associated with conventional braces. These not only result in quicker treatment times for fitting braces but lighter forces and more comfortable treatment. They are available now in a clear ceramic virtually invisible version. Read more about Damon braces…

Removable braces Invisalign Teen®

invisalign2Invisalign Teen® takes a modern approach to straightening teeth. With a series of clear removable aligners that gradually straighten your teeth, Invisalign Teen is comfortable, affordable and effective. And without brackets and wires, you’ll have the confidence of a great smile even during treatment. Each aligner also comes with a small, inconspicuous Blue Dot Wear Indicator, which helps you know if you’re ready for your next set of aligners.

Invisalign Teen has the added advantage that you can continue brushing and flossing the way you normally do. And without fixed braces, it’s easier to maintain better oral hygiene.

Other Removable braces

removable-braces2Removable braces are custom-made, consisting of a plastic brace with metal wire components. It simply clips onto the teeth and over time, it brings about the required change in their position. It can be easily inserted and removed for cleaning.

Another specific type of removable brace is called Functional Brace. These are designed for growing children (age 7-10) and adolescents (age 11-14). The combination of effects on the jaw and surrounding soft tissues can bring and assist a change in the position of the children’s teeth and facial profile and can provide ideal childrens braces for teeth.

Mouth Guards

We highly recommend that mouth guards are worn whilst playing contact sports (even trampolining or cycling). If your child has fitted braces, they can get special mouth guards to fit around the braces. If they wear removable braces, they should wear a mouth guard instead of a brace during sports, keeping the brace in a protective case. elleven can also provide tailored mouth guards when treatment is completed.

Read what just a couple of our younger customers have said about their treatment:

The whole experience was so positive for me and has truly made ahuge difference to my life. Thank you so much for my new smile. I can’t thank everyone enough at elleven!

– Asha

I am really happy with my treatment and everyone at elleven orthodontics has been really kind and helpful. I love my new teeth now!

– Sean

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