Jaw Surgery

Jaw surgery (orthagnatic surgery) can be a necessary treatment for those with a skeletal discrepancy outside of the boundaries of conventional orthodontics.

Patients seek jaw surgery for a number of reasons. The most common are the following:

  • Difficulty in eating and speaking
  • Disproportionately large upper or lower jaws
  • Long face
  • Facial asymmetries
  • Chin abnormalities

Thankfully, with elleven this doesn’t have to be a complex operation. We’re friends with some excellent surgeons, and are used to working in close collaboration to get the best results for our shared patients. Ask to see Dr Shivani Patel if you feel you may need jaw surgery as she is trained as an orthodontist to consultant level and has a lot of experience in these multidisciplinary cases.

If you are considering having braces and jaw surgery you may have a number of questions you would like answered.

If I need jaw surgery, why do I also require orthodontics? 
If the jaws are to be moved into the position correct position, it is important your teeth are moved so that they meet properly after surgery.

What type of brace will I need to wear? 
Fixed braces are used prior to jaw surgery because they permit the most accurate positioning of the teeth prior to the operation.

Are the braces removed just before the operation? 
No, the braces remain in position during and after the operation for a number of months. During the operation they help the surgeon position the jaws correctly. After the operation they help the orthodontist fine tune the bite with elastics.

How will the operation be done? 
The majority of operations will be done from inside your mouth.

How long will I be in hospital for? 
This varies between 2-5 days.

How long will the overall treatment take? 
It usually takes 2- 2 1/2 years, but will vary on how severe your case is. Failed or cancelled appointments or repeated breakages will add to the overall treatment time.

Jaw Surgery and Orthodontics

Reem talks about the jaw surgery and Orthodontics that he underwent at elleven and the tremendous difference it has made to his smile, eating and confidence!

Jaw Surgery and Orthodontics

Ellie talks about the care and attention to detail she received at elleven and how jaw surgery and orthodontics have transformed her looks and self-esteem.

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