Smile of the Month

Each month we choose one of our patients who has recently completed treatment as our Smile of the Month – a moment for celebration and a winning smile!

March 2018 - Orthodontics
February 2018 - Transforming
January 2018 - Braces
December 2017 - Orthodontics, Whitening and Restorative
November 2017 - Orthodontics, Implants and Periodontics
October 2017 - Smile aesthetics and function
September 2017 - Upper Lingual, lower ceramic braces using Suresmile with Anthony
August 2017 - Orthodontics, whitening and implants
July 2017 - Orthodontic, Periodontal and Implant care
June 2017 - Orthodontics and jaw surgery
May 2017 - Orthodontics and veneers
April 2017 - Orthodontic treatment combined with whitening and composite bondings of the anterior teeth
March 2017 - Orthodontics, whitening and implants
February 2017 - Orthodonrics, Whitening and veneers
January 2017 - Orthodontics, teeth whitening and veneers
December 2016 – Teeth whitening, composite bonding and porcelain veneers

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At elleven, we can help you to feel like a new person - with a whiter smile.
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